We’re proud to be awarded silver accreditation by Investors in People

rpa:group is delighted to have been given a silver accreditation by Investors in People, representing how we continue to transform our business performance through empowering our people.

Commenting on the award, Nigel Collett, CEO of rpa:group said: “ Creating a productive, efficient and happy working environment achieves positive results on an individual level at first, which when combined with those of others, elevates the success of the whole company. This translates into a verifiable improvement in quality and business performance and a constructive environment in which to interact and communicate. The positive effects radiate outwards and lead to an improved level of service to our clients – so ultimately the benefits are felt by all.”

Paul Devoy, CEO of Investors in People, said: “We’d like to congratulate rpa:group for achieving a silver accreditation, which is a remarkable effort and places rpa:group in fine company within our community of 15,000 organisations across 75 countries that understand the value of people and make work better.

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