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On Friday the 6th of July, a group of students from Thomas Knyvett College visited our offices and were given a fully immersive experience of our people and our business…

The day commenced for the group of year 9 & 10 students, with an introduction to Architecture and Design. They were given a tour of our offices, where they got to meet team members from both divisions. A group task followed, facilitated by Project Management, with the requirement to build a structure using just marshmallows and spaghetti!

The students then learned what a day in the life was like for an Architect and Designer, with our graduates and interns sharing their experiences and information about their degrees, as well as their role at rpa:group. The day concluded with an overview of a recent project. The event was such a success that on top of receiving extremely positive feedback, we have also had requests from students for work experience placements.


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