CityAxis and rpa:group delivers Kings College Maths School

Located on Lambeth Walk, next to the Imperial War museum and a short walk away from King’s College London’s Waterloo site, the new school takes up to 200 students and is located in a historic building that was once the Lambeth Baths. A second site, just a few metres away, with an entrance on Kennington Road, extends the size of the school and creates the sense of a campus.

Both buildings have undergone a complete interior refurbishment to fulfil the vision of a connected, spacious environment featuring well-appointed and varied learning spaces that have been designed to encourage communication and creativity.

Altogether, the school features five large classrooms, two modern science laboratories and a dedicated computing suite where science, engineering and robotics come alive and students are given the solace and facilities to develop and test their ideas. The overall space also offers numerous group rooms and break-out spaces surrounding the core teaching and learning areas. At the heart of the school is a cafeteria, connecting the various spaces, where students can share their ideas and relax.

King’s College has been given a government grant to develop the school, which opened in September 2014. The new school has been created to ensure there are enough maths and physics experts for the future and King’s wants to attract bright children, who are exceptionally gifted and who would benefit from a more dedicated approach to core maths subjects, to enable them to reach their full potential and to apply to top universities. Post-graduate students from King’s will be tutors and mentors for the year 12 and 13 pupils.

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