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Phoebe Goodley is currently in her second year of university at Nottingham Trent and joined rpa:group recently to gain some understanding of an architectural practice. She shares her experience of her time with us…

I have always been drawn to architecture, ever since I began drawing my dream house with slides and secret tunnels when I was a child.  I confirmed my decision to make this my chosen career when going to uni open days.

During my work experience with rpa:group, I have been shown the ins and outs of certain projects to teach me the whole process, which is very beneficial.  I have also been shown CAD files and tricks to make drawing in CAD easier, which is invaluable to help me design as well as I can, without the limitations.

I’ve really enjoyed the experience as whole. The people are very kind and eager to offer their time and help me with any questions I have had, or to provide me with any of their knowledge they have gathered from working in practice throughout their lives. I’ve gained a real insight to help guide me towards what my future will entail.

I believe the most advantageous experience from my time with rpa:group has been the specifics, and everything included within retail architecture, as well as some residential architecture. It’s been useful because it is helping me to decipher what sector of architecture I want to go into once I finish my degree.



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