Hotel rejuvenation and why hoteliers need to plan for this years in advance

The UK hotel market is a competitive one.  Social media offers up the most hard to please customers and ratings are taken seriously by others,... read more

Pop-ups are more about the R.O.E. than the R.O.I.

Matthew Greenwell of Storefront and James Breaks from rpa:group share their views about pop-ups becoming primarily about return on experience and why brands are increasingly... read more

UK high streets need to be more about creating communities and less about just retail

It is time to return to the root of what people want; the creation of multi-faceted communities offering variety and meeting a diversity of local... read more

getting ahead in the fitness industry race

One in every seven people in the UK is now a member of a gym, and according to the “2018 state of the UK fitness... read more

value and values…

As retail consumer profiling becomes more granular, with increasing generations and shopper tribes demanding immediacy in meeting their specific needs, how do brands and designers... read more

essential retail design trends for 2019 that can’t be ignored

Ultimately, a store is a reflection of its brand. Therefore any design or redesign needs to reflect its brand values. It is the responsibility of... read more
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