the new concept kicks off


As the fashion led sister brand to Runners Point, Sidestep required realignment of its concept to compete in an increasingly competitive market. With an innate understanding of the Foot Locker’s stable, rpa:group was the natural choice to respond to this brief. The concept was to be created and applied as a pop-up concept, complete with updated brand communication. This delivered a low-risk trial of the brand that could be augmented for a full commercial roll-out.


Sidestep is a fashion editor and required an environment to curate sport inspired collections that responded to current demographic bands. The design took a literal approach to this grouping by creating a number of physical and graphical devices to delineate the collections. Concentric circles are used on the floor and the wall to indicate primary areas of focus with simple display blocks and tables providing VM devices. Brand descriptions are applied directly to the walls adjacent to product keeping messaging simple and relevant.


The design is fresh and contemporary and provides a number of merchandising opportunities. Following initial install, it was easy to assess the success of the merchandising intents and make minor modifications to suit ranges that vary in density. The pop-up nature of the store engendered an atmosphere of creativity within the client staff, knowing that the elements could be easily changed and adapted without affecting the design integrity, and promoted experimentation.

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