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luxury on-board retail


Harding Retail works in partnership with twenty of the world’s top cruise brands, providing an on-board retail shopping experience of the highest standards. rpa:group’s extensive and varied retail experience meant we were the ideal partner to develop a number of on-board concepts under the Harding Retail brand tone.


This included the development of concessions for luxury brands Tiffany, Bulgari and Chanel. In addition to retail boutique design, rpa:group also developed line specific stores, to promote products and services that were changeable mid-cruise, to reflect upcoming destinations. This incorporated the effective design of digital activations, as well as flexible retail product display.


This initiative successfully enhanced the Harding Retail portfolio, which includes over 250 shops on 62 cruise ships. As a premier on-board retailer, their business focuses on their clients, the cruise lines, and their guests – the retail customers.

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