calvin klein underwear

subtle and intimate elegance


Working with Calvin Klein designers, rpa:group designed the new look for Calvin Klein underwear stores throughout Europe and The Middle East.


By using both passive and active light, zones have been defined throughout the store that infuses theatre into the retail landscape. The colour and patterns used,  reinforce the male/ female product split. Scale and texture create key touch points, enabling and encouraging discovery and intimacy during the customer journey. The stores all feature large scale graphics and the lightweight frames for fixings to make the product the hero. The design allows the environment to be both visibly flexible and infinitely variable, whilst the overall palette and design signature gives a sense of youthful vitality.


The new store concept respects the simple elegance/linearity of the Calvin Klein brand, sitting beautifully alongside the CK Jeans and CK Platinum concepts, but infusing the discreet monochromatic palette with greater subtlety and femininity in product display fixtures.

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