a new shop-in-shop concept


German high-end casual brand Brax, best known for its premium wear, quality and ‘reliability’, was seeking evolution, not revolution in the look of its new design concept.


BRAX is a household name throughout Germany, with over 125 years expertise in fashion business and with more than 4000 wholesale partners and 105 own stores worldwide. Although the retailer has a modern and progressive outlook, it wanted to retain the core visual events of its current retail design, whilst achieving a new flexibility.


The design thinking was based around the concept of ‘confident aspiration’ – allowing the engagement of existing lifestyle themes into the interior design of the stores and shops. Building on existing themes such as attention to detail, craftsmanship, trust and reliability, the addition of a layered and transparent feel physically lightened the look of the stores. Using product stories created focal points and retail theatre introduced a new order to the existing design layout, while lifestyle graphics and brand communication were incorporated to create a unified display language.

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