adidas stadium outlet 2.0

concept upgrade


Global sportswear brand Adidas has been giving a concept upgrade to a number of stores, including in Sydney and Melbourne, Australia. The Stadium Outlet 2.0 concept offers improved ISC and a higher capacity, delivering a more premium shopping experience.


The original stadium concept was developed because the brand recognised the power that sport has to change lives, with the stadium being the manifestation of where it happens. The interiors highlight the unique spirit of this in an active and urban way, by recreating the mindset of consumers as the athletes, using features such as tunnel entry, locker-style changing rooms and stadium seating. This concept overlaps into the outlet stores so that they also embrace some of these elements in their interiors, such as highly polished concrete floors, locker-room style seating and stripped back fixtures that emphasise the product.


rpa:group undertook the store planning and design, utilising AutoDesk Revit for quantity ordering and visualisation and also provided 3D realistic renders for accurate delivery of the brand’s vision for the stores.

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