Demand sees surge in office refurbs

Post pandemic hybrid working is having an impact. According to a recent article in Property Week, London’s supply of flexible office space has surged by... read more

Why modular in MMC is on the rise

Nobody can argue that in this day and age, while there is still very much a place for traditional construction methods, we should also be... read more

Airport lounges are transforming – let us help you with yours

The travel industry is becoming increasingly dynamic and competitive to meet the needs of business travellers not only in the air, but on the ground... read more

Bringing the hyperphysical to retail

In spite of those who were warning of the bells of doom for bricks and mortar retail a few years ago, we are seeing it... read more

Designing for Daylight

Daylight greatly affects the experience of a space and is increasingly a fundamental aspect for designing buildings and rooms that are healthy and sustainable. As a... read more

Why a recession is a good time for a hotel refurb

Hotels that undergo a rejuvenation approximately every seven years, are the least likely to experience a dip in profit. So what happens when a recession... read more
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