the mutual benefits of taking on interns…

Not only do they enhance their practical applications such as Revit/Drawing and how the industry works, they gain more psychological and no less important skills... read more

six retail design trends to look out for in 2017

Here we share what we believe to be the top retail trends that will dominate in 2017. James Breaks, Associate Director (Design) - rpa:group. Save read more

chain reaction takes fast food to a new level

The ‘one look for everywhere’ approach, which traditionally made sense and helped to underscore a brand’s identity has begun to look downmarket rather than consistent,... read more

“Phygital” – blending the physical and digital worlds of retail

The real purpose of phygital design is to create meaningful transactions and here I mean not only the exchange of money but the exchange of... read more

why are stores being redesigned more often?

This means individual elements have to be completely compatible with existing products, so that they can be used without difficulty and facilitate the renovation and... read more
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