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Pretiola is the latest purveyor within the increasingly lucrative UK pretzel market. rpa:group design team were responsible for creation of both the brand identity and kiosk concept – working with the franchisee to bring a healthy, family centred brand to the pretzel experience.



Balancing the efficiency of a take-away location with a family seating area the design required a colourful and vibrant approach. The design incorporates ultra-slick lines and bright colours achieved by the use of solid surface LG Hi-Macs. The interior consists of hygienic stainless steel preparation areas with the interfacing details making maintenance easy. The design of the brand identity and collateral reflects the vibrant colours and simplicity of the kiosk. The logo reflects the handmade aesthetic and sits beside the traditional pretzel knot. Working at record speed the brand concept was developed, detailed and kiosk installed within 12 weeks.


The kiosk design and practical maintenance is enduring due to the considered design detailing and contemporary palette. The involvement of the hands-on franchisee project manager and experienced manufacturer ensured the brand was faithfully delivered within Westfield, who nominated it for a BCSC Gold Leaf award

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