Athens is home to a new Tommy Hilfiger store

Known for being the most important mall in Greece, The Mall of Athens welcomes the highest number of shoppers throughout the country. Although Tommy Hilfiger had two smaller stores on its premises, it has now opened a much larger store within a prime location of the mall, that displays both concepts in one location.

Essentially the new store’s concept evolves around the most up to date Tommy Sportswear design and is styled as such. However, it also hosts a dedicated Tommy Jeans area that is totally visible from the outset and promotes its own signage.

This mixed-concept store offers a unique hybrid of concepts, whilst retaining an exciting and defined customer journey, and boasts two completely independent areas, beautifully integrated and harmonised within the space.

On entry, customers experience the classic Sportswear area, which captures the brand origins that have become internationally recognised for celebrating the essence of classic American cool style. This is combined with clean, modern finishes and a bright, airy aesthetic that propels the design firmly into the future of Tommy Hilfiger’s new global store design concept.

Merchandise is displayed along the walls and on illuminated plinths that give the notion of floating. Recessed lighting enhances the clothing, and the walls are tastefully and subtly branded in the distinctive Tommy Hilfiger colours. A hard wood flooring adds warmth to the space.

The store then gives way to the Tommy Jeans area, that is totally visible from the outset. This allows customers for the Tommy Jeans concept to know exactly where the previous store has relocated to and aims to dazzle with its bright young aesthetic. It also encourages customers that are loyal to the sportswear merchandise, to explore new Tommy Jeans styles. This space is heralded by a distinctive blue glazed gateway and a stark white resin floor, which lends a bright and contemporary feel.

There is an abundant use of bold colours in the red, white and blue of the brand and the area perimeter is clad in white breeze block to allow a blank textured backdrop for the Tommy Jeans merchandise. Unique graffiti on perimeter walls and behind the bank of cash desks pays homage to the bright and playful nature of the Tommy Jeans brand. The fitting rooms with their white finished rough plaster, reflects the light in the space to create crisp backdrops for Jean-clad stools and benches and bright graphic flags. Navy organic cotton curtains tether the space and emanate warmth and texture to this area.

With a long-standing relationship with the Tommy Hilfiger brand, rpa:group’s Interior Architects guided this store from the sketch pack stages through to reaching a final design.

The store opened in Autumn 2020 and forms part of an ongoing roll-out of the new concepts for the brand, but stands out as a unique hybrid in terms of being a mixed concept.

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