LEON is bringing healthy fast food to Leeds and Beaconsfield

Having successfully helped create the interior concept for various restaurants for Leon within the UK and EU, the healthy fast food chain has subsequently tasked rpa:group with further restaurant openings in Leeds Station and Beaconsfield Services.

The secret to Leon’s success and continued expansion is largely down to the values of their mission statement, “why can’t fast food be good food” and the appeal this has to society, as we become more conscious of developing healthy eating habits.

The new Leeds and Beaconsfield restaurants are as a result of a collaboration with franchise partner SSP, and will incorporate Leon’s latest concept, which features industrial spaces, overlaid with a feeling of warmth and fun, whilst ensuring sustainibility is at the heart of the design. This is achieved using bright and colourful graphics throughout the space and specifying environmentally friendly fabrics for furnishings. To offer further convenience to customers, Leon’s new self-serve kiosks will also be in operation in these restaurants.

Work is underway, with the restaurants expecting to open their doors to customers in early 2020.

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