a new store design for shooting star chase…

rpa:group’s design team have been appointed by children’s hospice Shooting Star Chase to create a universal identity across all of the charity’s London stores.

The stores, supported by volunteers, offer a selection of high quality items such as children’s clothes, toys, adult clothes, accessories, books, games and DVDs, raising £218,000 in funds each year. Our design team developed a core concept based around a simple box that can be utilised throughout the stores in a variety of sizes and configurations.

The boxes are made from lacquered ply and their interiors are painted in the vibrant colourways of the charity brand. They make an excellent merchandising device when hung from walls to create shelving, or stacked like huge children’s bricks as central area displays, or even used in the window beds of the store. Storytelling is encouraged throughout the store and reinforces the message that money raised goes directly to aid children and families. The box device creates a unifying language for the store, drawing together all various parts and giving it a cohesive identity, without making it appear too smart, expensive or clinical.

Whilst it was vital to retain the personality of the store we also had to facilitate a more considered form of retailing which allows for storytelling, and highlights displays. Our design solution allows for shelving and displays to be easily moved thereby creating a changing and engaging environment for customers. Another layer was added to the design by using wooden frames that the charity is given to display information about the charity and will also provide a valuable community information service.

The new concept will launch this summer in Hampton Hill with delivery undertaken by rpa:group’s Project Management team.

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