3D scanning adding value to clients

Site surveys, measured or otherwise, have always been a part of the service we offer here at the rpa:group. There’s no substitute for experiencing a physical space, appreciating its potential and evaluating its challenges, just as there’s no replacement for face-to-face client collaboration. In line with our continuing commitment to investment in technologies, we have recently been providing surveys for clients utilising technology from Matterport. 

The Matterport Pro 3 camera allows us to capture highly detailed “digital twins” of buildings and construction environments with excellent accuracy and remarkable clarity. 

One of the key advantages of using the Matterport technology is its ability to create immersive 3D models that can be explored remotely. This means that clients can now take virtual tours of buildings from the comfort of their own offices, gaining a comprehensive understanding of the space without the need for multiple site visits. 

We are able to meet with clients either face-to-face or virtually and walk the prospective sites prior to feasibility stage, and discuss their potential and their challenges with absolute clarity. This ability to easily share with the wider client team means quicker buy-in and efficiency in formalising the final brief, thus adding value to the collaborative process we promote with our clients.

Furthermore, it allows for the seamless integration into our architecture software such as BIM and CAD for total accuracy and efficiency. This is particularly beneficial for revisiting spatial projects and for comparisons in terms of proposed changes and detailing. This information can also be shared across other disciplines within our business, external consultants, and contractors, to ensure synergy, save time and to negate risk of error.

We have recently undertaken a series of surveys utilising Matterport technology for our clients, including one in an airport location in Southampton, and another in an open-air mall in Scotland. The results of both have been well received and demonstrate our ability to operate in a wide variety of locations and provide continued value to our clients.

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