a load of old crystal balls?

Have we spotted Retail Week’s April Fools Day spoof? The leading retail rag has published today a story that Argos says it can pre-empt customers’ needs.

Apparently, Argos shoppers are in for an in store treat soon when they will be offered the chance to shop via an interactive crystal glass ball.

The retailer claims that the ball will measure body temperature and moisture to assess stress levels and then using unique ‘destiny’ algorithms it will read the customer’s mind! Once the crystal ball has calculated what product the customer desires it sends an order to staff in the stockroom who will prepare the product. The plans follow Amazon’s move, revealed in January, to send packages to customers before they have ordered them using predictive demand analytics! The technology has been developed in its Future Purchasing Lightbulb Eureka lab, located in a converted warehouse off the Silicon Roundabout in Shoreditch.

Argos chief digital fortune teller and innovative innovator of technological solutions April Day said: “It’s going to transform the way retailers react to customer needs, customers won’t want to waste energy making up their minds on what type of ear phones or food processor they buy next, they can just use the crystal ball to tell them what they need.” Argos plans to trial the technology in a handful of stores before rolling it out. Spoof or not one thing in this story sounds really good – the Eureka Lab – more companies should have one!

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