Further expansion for Pirate studios

Pirate.com continues to deliver globally accessible spaces, operating 24/7 and delivering an entirely self-service and affordable solution for all recording artists.

Pirate.com is the brainchild of two Bristol based musicians, who after struggling to find recording studios with the set-up and kit that they wanted, decided to build their own.   

They must have answered a global need, because today, Pirate.com is a community of 24-hour creative spaces that spans over 700 studios worldwide and is empowering the next generation of artists. Whether they are producers, vocalists, DJs, band members, dancers, or podcasters, Pirate.com is providing them all with a suitable and fully equipped professional space to fulfill their needs.  

What makes Pirate.com truly unique is that it operates 24/7 and the experience is entirely self-service and affordable so that anyone can utilise it.  This concept has completely broken down the barriers to creativity, through access to ideas and opportunities – and their online community connects and develops artists from all over the world.  

At the heart of Pirate.com is a passion for creativity and the positive impact that it has on people’s lives, while a relentless drive to innovate keeps Pirate.com at the forefront of the industry. The brand is constantly evolving and challenging convention to bring new opportunities to aspiring artists.  

The overall spaces are divided into specific studios that include recording and vocal studios, DJ and Pro and Premium studios, podcast spaces and dance studios, in addition to generous rehearsal spaces and communal areas. 

The Pirate.com concept is based on honesty and a stripped back aesthetic echoes this. Plywood and exposure of existing finishes and the use of raw concrete and bold wayfinding graphics that have a strong industrial element, remind artists that it is all about their creativity and that the space is a blank canvas for them to be free in.  

There is however no compromise on quality. Spring flooring in the dance areas, the very best in soundproofing, lighting and air quality, and a careful consideration to lay-out optimises the individual recording spaces to allow for the best possible experiences.  

As part of their ongoing expansion, Pirate.com has secured new studio spaces at Tagomago Park in Cardiff, for which rpa:group has been appointed Architect. Our work includes undertaking construction package and coordination of statutory approvals for the new studio spaces. The detailed design phase is already underway and after a 12-week construction program, is expected to open its doors to artists in Spring 2022.

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